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3D Quantum Hall Effect verified by SUSTech researchers
release time:2019-04-10 14:07:00

Recently, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech)Professor of Physics Lu Haizhouwas invited to write a p

Progress in superconducting quantum computation at SUSTech: geometric quantum logic gates go faster and more robust
release time:2019-03-26 16:06:00

Research on quantum computation is at the very frontier of today’s science and technology. It explores revolutionary way

Thermoelectric Material Performance Improves Dramatically
release time:2019-03-22 10:23:00

Thermoelectric materials are among the important potential candidates for alternative and complementary sources for ener

Doping of Quantum Materials Breaks Through Traditional Thinking
release time:2019-03-22 10:18:00

Doping is an important way for regulating the physical properties of materials. Due to their complex nature, new quantum


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