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Research Field


Research Field

Quantum Transport and Manipulation

Members:Chair Professor Dapeng YU, Professor Haizhou LU, Associate Professor Hongtao HE, Associate Professor Liyuan ZHANG, Associate Professor Yue ZHAO, Assistant Professor Junfeng DAI, Assistant Professor Jiansheng WU Research ContentsPhysical properties of various emerging thin film materials will be investigated systematically under ultra-low temperature and high magnetic field conditions, especially the quantum transport of electrons or spins in these materials. We will also aim to effectively control the novel quantum phenomena revealed in these materials by optical, electrical, or magnetic means. The materials we have studied so far include: three-dimensional topological insulators, Iron chalcogenide, diluted magnetic semiconductors, graphene, and MoS2.

Surface Physics

Members Chair Professor Shuk-Yin TONG、Associate Professor Yue ZHAO、Associate Professor Hu XU、Associate Professor Kedong WANG、Assistant Professor Gan WANG、Assistant Professor Xingqiang SHI、Assistant Professor Li HUANGResearch ContentsSurface physics investigates properties of materials within a few atomic layers near surfaces and interfaces. Experimentally, atomic-scale precision equipment such as scanning tunneling microscopy and atomic force microscopy, are used to study the properties of surfaces including their topography, electronics and mechanics aspects etc. Theoretically mainly use computer simulations based on density functional theory to gain insights to experimental results, as well as make predictions. Surface physics research could expand our awareness of the basic natural sciences, and push forward the design and fabrication of novel low-dimensional functional materials and devices. Surface physics studies has been closely integrated with other researches fields, such as materials science, semiconductor physics, surface chemistry, vacuum physics, organic electronics etc., and hence received widespread attention.

Material Physics

MembersChair Professor Yusheng ZHAO, Professor Jiaqing HE, Professor Lang CHEN, Professor Wenqing ZHANG, Associate Professor Mingyuan HUANG, Associate Professor Chang LIU, Associate Professor Yue ZHAO, Associate Professor Hongtao HE, Associate Professor Alan Man-Ching Ng, Associate Professor Qihang LIU, Associate Professor Junhao LIN, Associate Professor Liusuo WU, Assistant Professor Gan WANG, Assistant Professor Xingqiang SHI, Assistant Professor Shanmin WANGResearch ContentsSearch for novel functional materials, develop and improve the synthesis techniques of various functional materials, study their corresponding photonic, thermal, electronic, magnetic, phonic and mechanic properties.

Computational Physics

Members  Chair Professor Shuk-Yin TONG, Professor Wenqing ZHANG, Associate Professor Hu XU, Associate Professor Qihang LIU, Assistant Professor Xingqiang SHI, Assistant Professor Li HUANGResearch ContentsComputational physics is an important branch of physics, which has a multitude relationship with theoretical physics and experimental physics. Our research area is mainly to study the fundamental properties of different dimensional materials using combined theoretical calculations and experiments. Furthermore, we also design and predict the new materials.

Condensed Matter Theory

Members Teaching Professor Fei YE, Professor Haizhou LU, Associate Professor Weiqiang CHEN, Associate Professor Zhifang XU, Assistant Professor Jiansheng WU, Assistant Professor Jiawei MEIResearch ContentsTheoretical study mainly focus on the strongly correlated electron systems, including high-Tc superconductivity, fractional quantum hall effect, and magnetic theory and its numerical investigations.

Quantum Information and Quantum Computation

MembersChair Professor Dapeng YU、Associate Professor Man Hong YUNG、Associate Professor Oscar Dahlsten, Assistant Professor Yuanzhen CHEN, Assistant Dawei LU Research ContentsQuantum Information and Quantum Computation mainly focus on the structure and implementation of a quantum computer, the principle and application of quantum information, the design and implementation quantum communication network, etc.

Under Construction: High-energy Physics and Astrophysics

MembersAssociate Professor Leonardo Modesto Research ContentsHigh-energy Physics mainly focus on the structural properties of substances in the micro world smaller than nuclei, and the phenomena of mutual transformation between these substances under extremely high energy, as well as the causes and laws of these phenomena. Study the properties of astronomical object and their interactions.

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