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Modulation doping makes the change!
release time:2014-10-20 15:39:00

 Prof. Jiaqing He’s group has publishedtheir recent researching results of thermoelectrics on Advanced Functio

Recent publications on NAT COMMUN by Prof. Jiaqing He
release time:2014-08-04 16:07:00

 Onework entitled “Broad temperature plateau for thermoelectric figure of meritZT>2 in phase-separated PbTe0.7S0

The First Graduate Student of Physics of SUSTC Completed his
release time:2014-07-03 16:09:00

Wang Jiale, senior student of grade 2011, is the first to finish his graduate thesis. After all of the committee members

Recent work on NPG Asia Materials for SUSTC by Prof. Jiaqing
release time:2014-07-30 16:13:00

The work entitled “Strong enhancement in phonon scattering through nanoscale grainsin lead sulfide thermoelectrics” was


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