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New progress on bulk thermoelectric materials published in E
release time:2015-05-20 15:14:00

 A recent progress on thermoelectricsfrom Prof. Jiaqing He’s group, named Superior Thermoelectric Performance inPbT

The conference of thermoelectric materials and devices was s
release time:2015-04-21 15:16:00

The conference of thermoelectricmaterials and devices, proposed and organized by Prof. Jiaqing He in Physicsdepartment,

Recent review work on Nano Energy for SUSTC by Prof. Jiaqing
release time:2016-10-14 15:18:15

Onereview work entitled “Advanced Electron Microscopy for Thermoelectric Materials”was recently published on Nano Energy

Students Won the Gold Medal at Global Physics Competition
release time:2015-01-15 15:20:00

 A team of three undergraduate students won the gold medal in the fifth annual University Physics Competi


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