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Latest Series of Research Achievements of PbTe-based Thermoe
release time:2017-08-24 17:03:39

Recently, Professor Jiaqing He’s research group, from the Department of Physics, published their recent research results on two different top journals in the material and energy fields, respectiv

Notice on Princeton University Physics Competition 2016 (Asi
release time:2016-09-21 15:05:00

The 2016 Princeton University Physics Competition will take place in November 19, 2016. Registration will open in Septem

Princeton University Physics Competition 2015
release time:2015-11-03 15:09:00

The second annual Princeton University Physics Competition (PUPC) will be held in November 21, 2015. Its aim i

New progress on bulk thermoelectric materials published in E
release time:2015-05-20 15:14:00

 A recent progress on thermoelectricsfrom Prof. Jiaqing He’s group, named Superior Thermoelectric Performance inPbT


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